REVIEW: Eloisa James-Too Wilde To Wed

When North Wilde, future Duke of Lindlaw, tracks down his runaway fiancé and finds her with an infant, he joins the military and sets off for America. Diana Belgrade, the errant fiancé, ends up working as a governess in the present Duke’s household bringing her nephew with her.
Diana met North after her sister’s death and was coerced by her mother to do anything she could to become his bride. She believed he loved the fake Diana she presented not realizing he had fallen for her before that and changed his persona to go with her very elegant presentation.
When the two meet again after 2 years and very educating life experiences, they start to be honest with each other and discover their true feelings.
I loved all the twists and turns in this book, the secrets, the way they are drawn to each other despite each feeling that they can’t be right together. The large Wilde family does its best to smooth the way for them without being obvious. I enjoyed the way North and Diane slowly reveal the truths about their feelings and the incredible chemistry between them. There is even a tease about what might be a possible future couple. Great book….great series!

Available in the adult department- new books  Tags: Historical, Governesses, Veterans, Wilde Family

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