Finally, the book we have been waiting for- Bowen’s story. After being shot and in a coma for two months, Bowen awakens in a room he doesn’t know surrounded by strangers. He is with the BlackSea changelings and they are using new technology to speed up his recuperation. Kaia, a cook at the station is [...]

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REVIEW: Eloisa James-Too Wilde To Wed

When North Wilde, future Duke of Lindlaw, tracks down his runaway fiancé and finds her with an infant, he joins the military and sets off for America. Diana Belgrade, the errant fiancé, ends up working as a governess in the present Duke’s household bringing her nephew with her. Diana met North after her sister’s death [...]

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New Book From Linda Howard- The Woman Left Behind

REVIEW- 4 STARS Loved this book, stayed up until 1 AM to finish it the first time I read it. I just re-read it and enjoyed it just as much. Jina is a military techie who becomes a Go-team member drone handler in part due to her outstanding gamer skills. She ends up in the [...]

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Review: Wired by Julie Garwood

Wired is the latest addition to Julie Garwood's excellent FBI/Buchanan/Renard romantic suspense series. It's the story of Allison Trent, a collegian computer genius and sexy Aussie FBI agent Liam Scott. Allison is a smart woman with a feisty nature and an unusual hobby. Allison likes to go cyber hunting for hackers and security lapses and [...]

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Hearts & Hemlock: New Blog for Romance/Mystery Readers

The Thing About Love by Julie James   I loved this book. I was so excited when I got approved for an eARC that I read it ahead of several other books with earlier publication dates. Julie James always comes through and especially with her FBI series. In this book two agents, John and Jessica, [...]

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