The Rotary Club of Rockville, established in 1947, is part of Rotary International, the world’s oldest service organization with 1.2 million members in over 200 countries. Rotarians are volunteers who work to address many hunger, health, and humanity issues and the primary focus is to help those less fortunate.  Most club members live or work in the Vernon, Tolland or Ellington area and our club is involved in many community service projects:

  • Providing scholarships for college-bound high school seniors from Vernon, Tolland and Ellington,
  • Funding and serving a Thanksgiving dinner for area senior citizens,
  • Local Food drives/projects,
  • Literacy/education projects, and
  • Contributing to several overseas projects (Guatemalan water wells and polio eradication).

Other important aspects of Rotary are networking and friendship, as well as promoting ethics and leadership skills.

The Rockville Rotary Club (including Vernon, Tolland & Ellington) meets on Mondays at noon at Mitchell’s Restaurant in Vernon – visitors/potential new members are always welcome.