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The new Rockville Reads Romance Book Club will discuss BET ME by Jennifer Cruise at its first session.

Bet Me is the winner of the 2005 RITA Award (Romance Writers of America) and has been listed as one of the top 100 Best Romance Novels. Plump, plain, fashion-impaired Minerva  suffers one of the harshest fates of a single girl’s life: she gets dumped by her boyfriend David three weeks before her beautiful sister’s wedding.   David dumped Min because she wouldn’t sleep with him and so he can get revenge, David makes a bet with Cal, a successful & good looking acquaintance, (who David also can’t stand), for $10,000 that he can’t get Min in the sack in a month’s time. Unfortunately (or fortunately) for Cal, Min overhears part of their conversation and is infuriated. But then she remembers the wedding and thinks that Cal could turn out to be useful after all.  This story has a lot of humor, minimal drama, great romance and a very satisfying ending.

About the Author- As research for her doctoral dissertation, author Jennifer Crusie determined to read 100 romance novels. Crusie had never explored that genre, and like many people, she was convinced she would find it difficult to wade through those types of books. To her surprise, she discovered that she enjoyed the genre, so much so that she became a literary critic for the genre and began writing romance novels herself.  Her books are known for their humor and her heroines are usually quirky and the heroes are clever and charming. In addition to contemporary romance, she has partnered with Bob Mayer, a well-known adventure fiction writer, for a series of books merging their two genres.


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