Review: Wired by Julie Garwood

Wired is the latest addition to Julie Garwood’s excellent FBI/Buchanan/Renard romantic suspense series.

It’s the story of Allison Trent, a collegian computer genius and sexy Aussie FBI agent Liam Scott. Allison is a smart woman with a feisty nature and an unusual hobby. Allison likes to go cyber hunting for hackers and security lapses and fix things or right their wrongs and deliver the evidence to the FBI in an anonymous tidy package. Since some of her fixes were a little on the illegal side, she is not anxious to work with the FBI when they come calling, even though she would be working with the hunky Liam. When she divulges her past adventures, the FBI agrees to hold her harmless if she will work with them for one year.

Added to Allison’s pressures is her greedy aunt and uncle and their no-good son, Will. As a teen and adult, Allison did some modeling for a local designer and her relatives took most of her money to bail out Will from his various troubles. There is also the matter of a thieving fellow student who tries to pass of Allison’s work as his own and gets Alison in a world of trouble when she shuts him down.

Liam gets more impressed by her skills and intelligence as he gets to know Allison and finds himself also getting more attracted to her. But Liam isn’t a staying kind of guy and they both know that in that way lays heartbreak for them if they lets their hearts get involved. Easier said than done!

This book is just the right mix of romance, suspense, villainy, and humor that we would expect from Ms. Garwood. For readers of the series it’s a great new book to read. For newbies, it can stand on its own and it’s a look at a great series that they can go back and read from the beginning and enjoy!

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