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2016 Silver Sponsors


Clay Furniture Industries- 41A Chapel Street, Manchester, CT

  Clay Furniture Industries, Inc. has been providing superior custom built cabinetry and millwork for over 25 years. Richard and Julie Clay have built their Manchester, CT facility into a highly successful business by providing quality products, integrity, and valued customer service. Clay Furniture works with General Contractors, subcontractors, commercial and retail companies. We work with our customers from the initial plans, to estimating and providing shop drawings to final completion of the millwork. Specializing in laminate, solid surface and many types of wood to customize exactly what the customer needs. Design work encompasses classrooms, labs, reception areas, bathrooms, chair rails, lobbies, exam rooms, waiting rooms, nurse's stations, window frames, registration desks, staff lounges, locker rooms, renovated space and much, much more. OUR PROJECTS
Our projects range from commercial buildings, schools, medical and dental offices, to town municipalities, government facilities, and retail stores. We have a wide range of design options suited to meet your needs. Have a look at photos from our portfolio for ideas on your next construction project.

Pue, Chick, Leibowitz & Blezard, LLC-76 S. Frontage Road, #1, Vernon, CT


In today’s changing business economy, you are confronted with an array of decisions to make, problems to resolve, and opportunities to seize. Having shrewd advisors available to assist you in maximizing opportunities and solving problems can make all the difference in the world. A productive relationship with a professional service firm rests on the involvement of a firm’s personnel who excel technically in their area of expertise and then bring that expertise into focus by aggressively and actively working to improve your operations. This hands-on approach sets Pue, Chick, Leibowitz & Blezard, LLC apart from other accounting firms. We pride ourselves on our ability to recognize potential problems before they arise and opportunities while they are ripe. We offer our clients a diverse range of expertise in accounting, tax and consulting services. We work to serve the needs of our clients and network with other professionals to attain that goal. Through our long history of service, we have gained experience in many industries and have faced and resolved many issues. We constantly update our technology, expand our knowledge through continuing education and grow our staff to meet the needs of those we serve. Our service is at the highest professional level, complying with all professional standards and regulatory requirements. As Certified Public Accountants, we are proud of where we’ve been, proud of where we are, and where we’re going. We are committed to serve. We are presently a firm of fifteen people, comprised of eight professionals supported by three administrative staff. The current members of the firm are Steven R. Leibowitz, CPA, CVA, Michael R. Blezard, CPA/ABV, CVA, Michael J. Welch, CPA, ABV/PFS, J.D., LL.M., and Mark Barzottini, CPA.  To learn more about Pue, Chick, Leibowitz & Blezard, LLC, visit our website at, or call any of the members.

Pue, Chick, Leibowitz and Blezard, LLC is a member in good standing at: The Connecticut Society of Certified Public Accountants - The Massachusetts Society of Certified Public Accountants - Public Company Accounting Oversight Board registered -

The Architects-56 Arbor Street, Hartford, CT

The Architects began as a cooperative in 1979, and has operated under the  direction  of  Bob Hurd since 1988. We emphasize cost effective community  sensitive designs and offer a full range of architectural and design services. For more information, call us at 860-232-2707.  

United Bank Foundation, Connecticut

The Foundation was created in 1998 by Rockville Bank. We are dedicated to supporting community activities and the promotion of charitable causes in the Connecticut communities served by United Bank.

The Foundation changed its name in 2014 to the United Bank Foundation Connecticut following strategic merger of Rockville Bank and United Bank.
The United Bank Foundation Connecticut and the United Bank Foundation Massachusetts are committed to improving the quality of life for individuals and families in the communities served by United Bank. Special consideration is given to organizations and programs which promote and support community development and benefit disadvantaged or low to moderate income individuals and families in the areas of:
Affordable Housing: Programs that provide access to housing for families and individuals by providing credit counseling/credit repair or financial literacy education. Community Service: Investments in health care, education, job training, work-force development, childcare, credit services or financial services. Economic Development: Programs that support or benefit small businesses, small farms and job creation efforts. Neighborhood Revitalization or stabilization: Programs which attract or retain business or individuals to low to moderate income geographies distressed or underserved areas (as designated by the federal, state, local or tribal governments) or disaster areas.
Additional areas of interest that are important to us:
Education--Initiatives at the primary, secondary and post-secondary levels that raise the aspirations of students in the Community, support early literacy as well as initiatives that support the education process. Health and Human Services--Programs that are essential to the underlying medical care of the Community. Initiatives that focus on physical and mental wellness and provide access to the services needed for economic self-sufficiency. Youth Programs-- Programs that assist in improving the quality of life for children in the Community or programs that foster education, learning and leadership as well as build early literacy skills. Cultural Programs-- Programs that assist in enriching the quality of life for residents of the Community by cultivating an appreciation of the art, music, museums, libraries, and other cultural resources.

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