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Used Book Sales/Donations

We accept donations of Books/DVDs/Books on CD/Music CDs in good condition to be added to our collection or sold in our Book Nook. Items like encyclopedias, condensed books, VHS tapes, text books, Literary Guild books or books in OK condition and still readable can be placed in the Green Bin.

The Book Nook

Library books, DVDs, audiobooks and music CDs that have been removed from our collection and items donated to the library can be purchased at the Book Nook located near the Adult Circulation desk. Prices are:

Hardcover books, DVDs, Books on CD, Music CDs — $1.00

VHS Tapes, Paperbacks — $.50


The Big Green Bin!

The Green Bin out in the parking lot provides a small source of income to the library. Items not on the excluded list above that are in good condition should be brought inside. Items that cannot be sold in the Book Nook or added to our collection should be put in the bin and will be collected by Turtleback books. Some are recycled and some are sent to CT Nonprofits or other countries for people to have access to books and movies. Please do not add moldy or ruined books or boxes in this bin. If the bin is full, please bring your items inside.


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