Themed Storytime Kits

Check out a storytime kit for your home or classroom! Each kit has materials for three topics with 6 books per topic. Kits also include puppets, toys, and play items, as well as a list of the items and suggestions for using the materials. View a complete listing of our kits below. Please contact the Children’s Department to request a kit

Kit I:      Winter; Manners; Food
Kit 2:     Autumn; Apples & Pumpkins; Numbers
Kit 3:      Senses; Body/Health; Dentist/Teeth
Kit 4:      Seasons; Numbers;, Music
Kit 5:      Families; Opposites; Human Body
Kit 6:      Feelings; School; Bedtime/Naptime
Kit 7:      Autumn; Insects; Trucks
Kit 8:      Insects; Winter, Colors
Kit 9:      Health; Bedtime; Fears
Kit 10:    Rhymes; Colors; Rain
Kit 11:     Multicultural; Birthday; Numbers
Kit 12:     Vehicles; Dental Health; Health
Kit 13:     Winter;  Bears; Zoo Animals
Kit 14:     School; Pets; Human Body
Kit 15:     Spring; Families; Insects
Kit 16:     Families; Farms; Sports
Kit 17:     Games; Dogs; Safety
Kit 18:     Eric Hill; Pets; Farm Animals
Kit 19:     Summer; Pets; Bears
Kit 20:    Weddings; Alphabet; Margret & H.A. Rey
Kit 21:     Sounds; Cats; Tomie DePaola
Kit 22:     Feelings; Eric Carle; Shapes
Kit 23:     Tomie DePaola; Dogs; Colors
Kit 24:     Margret Rey; Garden; Magic
Kit 25:     Families; Babies; Winter
Kit 26:     Babar; Travel; Fairy Tales
Kit 27:     Multicultural; Homes; Laura Numeroff
Kit 28:     Dinosaurs; Eric Carle; Winter
Kit 29:     Bedtime; Dinosaurs; Bathtime
Kit 30:     Autumn; H.A. Rey; School
Kit 31:      Boats; Opposites; Trains
Kit 32:     Junie B. Jones; Winnie the Pooh; Maurice Sendak.
Kit 33:     Community Helpers; Food; Health
Kit 34:     Richard Scarry; Animals; Babies
Kit 35:     Wild Animals; Weather; Multicultural
Kit 36:     Animals; Curious George;  Feelings
Kit 37:     Music/Sounds; Farm; Friendship
Kit 38:     Biographies; Folk. Tales; Multicultural
Kit 39:     Vacation; Alphabet; Kittens
Kit 40:     Fairy Tales; Frogs; Dr. Seuss
Kit 41:      Miriam Cohen; Dogs; Steven Kellogg
Kit 42:     Nancy Carlson; Families; Gail Gibbons
Kit 43:     Nancy White Carlstrom; Transportation; Alexandra Day
Kit 44:     Lisa Campbell Ernst; Nancy Carlson;  Cats
Kit 45:     Frank  Asch; Tall Tales; Aiiki
Kit 46:     Holidays; Animals;  Clifford
Kit 47:     Winter;  Neighborhood; Insects
Kit 48:     Bedtime; Lois Ehlert; Clifford
Kit 49:     Ezra Jack Keats; Animals, Numbers
Kit 50:     Cathryn Falwell; Food; Birthday
Kit 51:     Frank Asch; Clifford; Rhymes
Kit 52:     Janet Ahlberg; Numbers; Music
Kit 53:     Nancy White Carlstrom; Families; Weather
Kit 54:     Frank Asch; Numbers; Going Places
Kit 55:     Lynne Jonell; Folklore/Fairy Tales; Babies
Kit 56:     Pat Hutchins: All About Me; Cats
Kit 57:     Gail Gibbons; Insects;  Colors
Kit 58:     Amy Hest; Multicultural; Families
Kit 59:     Eric Carle; Gardens/Summer; Snakes, Frogs & Crawlers
Kit 60:     Jobs; Food; Fairy Tales
Kit 61:     Science; Human Body; Bears
Kit 62:     Babies; Feelings; Ocean/Water
Kit 63:     Animals; Friendship; Going Places
Kit 64:     Families; Animals; Bedtime
Kit 65:     Colors & Shapes; Alphabet; Animals
Kit 66:     Aliki; Animals: Vacations
Kit 67:     Dr. Seuss; Lost/Searching; Families
Kit 68:     Christmas; Hanukkah; Steven Kellogg
Kit 69:     Kwanzaa; Jan Ormerod; Animals
Kit 70:     Animals; Denise Fleming; Dr. Seuss
Kit 71:     Clifford; Holly Deller/Patricia Louber; Mothers
Kit 72:     Judith Caseley; Silly Stories; Lois Ehlert
Kit 73:     Feelings; Animals; Rhyming/Counting
Kit 74:     Insects: Hide & Seek; Health
Kit 75:     Birthdays;  Numbers; Dress Up
Kit 76:     Christmas; Hanukkah; Kwanzaa
Kit 77:     Colors: Animals, All About Me
Kit 78:     Ocean/Water; Favorites; Numbers
Kit 79:     Insects; Cats & Dogs; Opposites
Kit 80:     Bedtime:  Farm Animals;  Magic/Silly Stories
Kit 81:     Halloween; Thanksgiving; Transportation
Kit 82:     Christmas; Hanukkah; Kwanzaa