Borrowing Information

Your Rockville Public Library Card is the door to a world of information and entertainment. You have access to books, movies, magazines, music CDs, audiobooks, downloadable ebooks and audiobooks, online education programs, newspapers, and so much more! Library cards are free to Vernon residents, educators and business owners.

Getting a Library Card

Update – April 1, 2020:
Due to the library being closed because of COVID-19 pandemic, Vernon residents can apply to get a library card online – click here to access registration form. If you already have a card and need to renew it, simply call or email us.

Vernon residents: Apply at the circulation desk for a library card. Bring a picture ID and a piece of mail with your Vernon address on it. Examples of picture IDs include a CT driver’s license or official ID, passport or Student ID. Examples of acceptable mail include a tax bill, lease, utility bill or car registration. Post office boxes are acceptable as mailing addresses, but proof of Vernon residence is still required. Library cards are valid for three years.

Residents of towns whose libraries belong to the Bibliomation Consortium: Apply for a card at your hometown library and you can use it at Rockville and all 66 Bibliomation libraries. For the list of consortium libraries click here.

Residents of other towns: Apply for a card at your hometown library. Bring your card and proof of your residence in that town to our Circulation desk and we will register your card in our system.

Using Your Library Card

Your Rockville Library card may be used in any public library in Connecticut and patrons from other libraries are welcome to check out materials at the Rockville Library. If a library card is lost, there is a $1.00 replacement fee.

Loan periods and Late Charges

Materials How Long? How Many? Fines? Renewable? Maximum Fines?
New Books 2 Weeks 25 10¢ per day Yes $5.00
Books 3 Weeks Unlimited 10¢ per day Yes $5.00
Audio books 3 Weeks 10 10¢ per day Yes $5.00
Music CDs 3 Weeks 5 10¢ per day Yes $5.00
Movies and TV series DVDs
* 5 includes Movies, TV Series and
1 Week 5* $2 per day No $10.00
Documentary and Non-fiction DVDs
* 5 includes Movies, TV Series and
1 Week 5* $2 per day No $10.00
Magazines (except current issue) 2 Weeks Unlimited 10¢ per day Yes $5.00
Museum passes
*adult card only
1 Day Only one a day per family and 5 per month per family N/A
*$2 per day for physical passes
No $10.00
*adult card only
1 Week 1 $2 per day Yes $10.00
Cake Pans
*adult card only
1 Week 1 10¢ per day No $5.00
Storytime Kits
*adult card only
3 Weeks 1 10¢ per day No $5.00
Themed Book Kits
*adult card only
3 Weeks 1 10¢ per day No $5.00


Renewing Library Materials

Most Rockville Library materials may be renewed online, unless another patron has placed a reserve on it or it is already overdue. You may renew items in three ways.
1. In person: Come to the library and renew through staff or the public PAC.
2. By phone: Call 860-875-5892 and ask to renew.
3. Over the Internet. Have your library card handy to access the library’s catalog from the Rockville Library Web page:

Go to our online catalog

  • Click on “My Account”
  • Type in  the barcode on your library card then click on “Login” Click on “Items out” To renew selected material(s), click on the box to the left of the title(s)
    you’d like to renew then click on “Renew Checked Items” icon. 
  • If you can not renew materials, a message will appear on the screen. If you are successful, a new due date will appear in the “Due Date” column. Due dates vary for items not belonging to Rockville Public Library.

Requesting Materials – Placing a “Hold”

You may place a reserve or “hold” on an item that is currently checked out by another patron. You may do this in three ways:
1. In person: Come to the library and reserve through staff or the public PAC.
2. By phone: Call 860-875-5892 and ask to place an item on hold.
3. Over the Internet: Have your library card handy to access the library’s catalog from the Rockville  Library Web page.

Go to our online catalog

  • Click on the “New Search” icon
  • Search for the material you’d like to reserve.
  • If material is found, click on the “Request Item” icon to the upper right of the title information. To search other libraries in our Bibliomation system for the item
    click on the “Other Locations” button to the bottom left.
  • If the material is not found click on the “Bibliomation Global” in the upper right-hand corner and retype your search request. Follow the same process as above to make the request if found in another library.
  • Type in  the barcode of your library card then click on “Login”
  • Items will be sent to Rockville Library unless you change the location. 
  • If an item cannot be requested a message will pop up stating so.
  • If you don’t find the material, please contact us by phone (860 875-5892), or in person. We will do our best to obtain the material

Returning Materials

Materials may be returned to the circulation desk during library business hours or dropped in the book drop. Materials may be returned at any library in Connecticut. Patrons will be billed for the full replacement costs for any items which are lost or damaged. Interlibrary loans must be returned to the library where the patron picked them up.

Interlibrary Loans

If our library does not have the material you need, we will attempt to obtain it for you from another library outside of the Bibliomation system.
If you wish to take advantage of this service, please place your request by calling Jean Luddy at 860-875-5892 x 115, or send an email to

Local History Collection

The library has an extensive collection of local history materials about the city of Rockville and town of Vernon, including city directories,
biographical material on prominent families, and Rockville High School yearbooks. Because many of these items are irreplaceable, they may be used
only when the Reference desk is staffed. Please call the library at (860) 875-5892 to arrange a convenient time to access this collection.

Click HERE for more information on our special collections.